What to do with your leftover herbs

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Spices and herbs are the backbone of a great dish, giving food distinctive flavours. We have a great tip that will revolutionize the way you use herbs in the kitchen – not only is it an easy method but it will effortlessly add an edge to any dish.

We’ve all been in that situation where we buy too many fresh herbs and then don’t need them for a while. The solution is to freeze them in oil for later. Freezing just the herbs can cause freeze burn so the oil is a necessary addition because it helps to preserve the herbs in the freezer, while making them ready to be used later. Some of the herbs that can be utilized are rosemary, thyme and oregano.


This herbs and oil combination can be easily added to all kinds of recipes: roasts, pastas, steaks, potatoes. Any meal that requires the base to be oil will be perfect with these frozen cubes, allowing you to easily and swiftly infuse your meal with extra flavour.

This method is quick, healthy and you’ll be happy you did it next time you want to add flavour to your dish. For an extra kick add in spices: chilli, ginger, curry, pepper. We love our spices here at Gourmosa, so we certainly would add these in!

4 Steps for Freezing Herbs in Oil

1. Chop the herbs to the desired size, remember the way you chop them now will be how they are used in your dish later.

2. Fill the ice cube trays with about 50-60% of herbs and the rest with oil. Feel free to add in any spices along with the herbs. Example: Rosemary, garlic and curry. Get creative in your combinations.

3. Label the ice tray with what is inside, and place in the freezer.

4. Take out and place in the frying pan. Enjoy your effortless boost of flavour!

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