Boost your morning with a healthy routine

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Here at Gourmosa we are firm believers in making the best of our mornings because a good start to your day will reflect positively in everything else you do! Here are some simple healthy habits for you to add to your morning routine that will jump start your immune system.


  • Wake up: Lemon Water
    When you wake up in the morning the first thing you should do is drink a cold glass of water because you just spent hours without drinking any and your body is dehydrated. Just a glass will help your body flush toxins and your metabolism get kickstarted, so by adding the lemon it will also boost your energy, give you vitamin C and reduce hunger by aiding your digestive system.
  • While showering: Coconut Oil Pulling
    Coconut oil swishing is great for your teeth, tho it can be time consuming, so for maximum effectiveness it is best to do it while you shower. Get one spoonful and then swish the coconut oil in your mouth, between 10-20 minutes. This simple step will helps free the bacteria and toxins from your mouth which will boost your immune system tremendously.
    It’s important to remember to spit the oil into the trash and not the sink, to avoid clogging it.
  • Supplements: Green Smoothie
    It’s necessary to have nutrients and vitamins, and an easy way to do this is by having a green smoothie packed with vegetables and fruit. Our delicious Chaats are a great alternative as well! This is a quick way to get a boost of energy and can even be consumed on the side with your breakfast, or on the train. They are also perfect for a mid-afternoon pick me up snack as multiple combinations can be created.


These three simple changes will make you look and feel much happier. Remember that it’s just as important to take the time to get our bodies started in the morning, as it is to sleep a full 7-9 hours cycle every night in order for the body to rest.

We wish you a great morning!

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